DI PREGO, inherits the productive and innovative spirit of the company Confections Loyma SL,
Founded in 1989 .
Which is in turn has been historically a company that has been dedicated to the production of Camisería , with innovative design ,
clothes are listed in great demand by customers for diversity, different products.
The strength of the brand lies in the emotional bond that has been able to establish with his followers, who
recognize their clothes and accessories : quality, style and diversity, at fair prices.

And most importantly satisfaction success with each satisfied customer who returns again and
time, awaiting the new collections .

DI PREGO is fashionable.
Dress the avant-garde man.
With shirts.
Pants .
Costumes .
Point .
Ties and pashminas .
Belts and other accessories.

DI PREGO also dresses the modern woman .
Young . Casual .